Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Back Jack!

Why hello! We are finally back in the USA after a three year break in Germany. I do miss Deutschland but I am happy to have a fresh new canvas to work on! We have moved into a rather small place so it should be interesting to see how our European furniture will work but that is what storage is for I suppose. As with my previous place I enjoy adding a accent wall to give a little one two punch as guest walk in the door. I try and find a pattern that I can live with for at least a year to three years. I never know what will strike me but once I focus and start looking for inspiration it doesn't take long. I adapt the design as I go. I mess up and then try to make it look like it was on purpose! So if you like uniformity and perfection look away now!
I started off measuring the wall and seeing how many rows I wanted going vertical. I cut out a stencil out of the cardboard box chanty town that was set up in my living room. Once I completed the outline I just went for it. I took the paint that I had purchased for the living room walls and started with the color that would blend into the main wall. Once I completed the main color I went in with the second shade and then with the accent of aqua blue. In total I believe it took me a day and a half. My husband took the kids to the pool so I could focus on finishing it so that helped A LOT!!
By far this project has been my most favorite. The colors, the pattern and how it all came together just speaks to me. What you can do with moving boxes, paint and a little time. Bust it out before the movers come is my motto!

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