Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Faux Shiplap

This has to be my favorite spot in my house! I have been loving shiplap since I first watched "Fixer Upper" and I know I can't be the only one! Knowing that I was unable to put up my own shiplap in a rental I figured I could do the next best thing...paint it! I looked up the measurments for the boards, I went with 8x12.
I started by measuring out on my paint guide 8 inches and marking it. I started at the top of the wall, placing the paint guide to the top of the ceiling and marking at 8 inches. I placed a mark about every 6 inches then I used the paint guide to help with painting a straight line. Once the first line was layed down I used it for a guide measuring, marking then painting. Each line becomes a guide to the next.
I moved from top to bottom just as far as my arms could reach. Once I got the hang of it I moved fast. I completed the small wall in my room in an hour or two. My bedroom wall was completed after my kitchen walls. In the kitchen it took me much longer due to not knowing what I was doing and taping each line! Yes, I did that and what a mistake! It went by much faster the second time and without tapeing. I used a Crayola kids paint brush the first time and it worked pretty good. The second time I did it I used a 1/4in brush and made sure I didn't have to much paint on it, dragging it on the tip horizontally.
You have to try this! It makes a room so cozy and for a small amount of paint and small portion of your day!

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