Friday, February 10, 2017

California raisin pallet

I LOVE THIS! Do you ever create something and just get excited because it turned out so cool? This is that project! I found these old raisin drying pallets in the town of Selma, CA. Yes, I know I can get free pallets off of any curb alert now days but these were different when I found them. These were already rustic and had their own story from California's rich history of agriculture. So what I can gather is that they were used in 1950-60's on raisin vinyards. So what I can gather is that they were used beginning in the 1900's on raisin vineyards. They would lay the grapes on the pallet to dry. Once dry they would stack and store the pallets till the next harvest. Now they use paper to lay the grapes on. Probably less work but not as cool for sure! When I move to a new location I like to find local antiques and anything old to create something that I can incorporate in my decorating. These were the ticket! When you drive out to Selma it is miles and miles of vineyards and farmland that are truly amazing and beautiful. So to start this project I felt I needed a classic California sign. I found a vintage sign and adapted it to make a sign for a friend. Amerine is their last name so I put it where you would have seen the word California. I felt it needed to say where we were located since the original sign said Santa Monica Beach. In the end I feel it really came together. The colors pop on the rustic pallet and it is a piece of old California that can go with them if and when they leave. Finds like these make living in Central California alright!

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