Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Blue Angels #6

When you meet a little boy who was still feeling the loss of a family friend it sticks with you. So when I heard him and my son talking about what he would like me to paint on his wall I thought why not ask Decoart if they would help a girl out with a little paint and a dream. Decoart was happy to give some paint to give this little boy a mural.
Here is what he has posted on his bedroom door.
Chalk is a easy way to get a sketch on the wall and it is easy to wipe off when it isn't working.
Day 1, after the chalk sketch I dove right in! When I start I really don't know how it is going to go so I start with a base layer. I don't like people to watch because they probably get worried in the first hour or two. The first day lasted about 3-4 hours. Mind you I was talking to Zanders mom, Lauren. So it was nice to have someone to talk to but time gets away from me quick!
Day 2, Coming back the next day I had a fresh look at what was going on. I had to tweek a couple spots and paint over places that just didn't look right. I love how the color starts to become smooth and the shading starts to pop! Speaking of shading, the Decoart Maxx Gloss paint line is awesome for shading! I put one color on and come back quickly with another shade and blend with your brush. You do have to move quickly because the paint does dry quickly!
Finishing touches! Once your paint is where you want it you can add your special touches. Here I placed the Blue Angels name and then under the wing I placed US NAVY. I really love how it all turned out. In the end I decided to finish it up with a touch of sky.
This is the final picture as I left today. I was painting for about 6 hours and could feel that urge to keep tweeking even with it being at a point I liked. That usually means I need to eat! I do love this finished look. I am not going to lie, I still want to go back and add a few touches but I don't know if that is OCD or it really needs tweeking. I think I will send my 7 year old over to give me an honest review! If I get more time to go back and tweek, I will post a update!

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